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Learn Italian in all levels with Polina in Vienna

April 20, 2022
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Italian language course - Online or Face to Face in Vienna

I am an Italian teacher holding a BA degree in Foreign Languages for International Business. I have experience in both face to face and online education and I am passionate about communication, personal develepment and foreign cultures.

Professionality that starts with Curiosity

Since my adolescence, I've been passionate to discover as much as I can. When I was 18,  I went to Germany (Stuttgart) to learn German and to discover a new country. The experience of being so young in an unknown place was incredibly scary but also very motivating and I realised that foreign languages are my passion. After the high school, I lived and worked in London and Stuttgart and in 2020 I graduated from the University of Urbino (Italy). After my graduation I´ve been working at Amazon Business as a B2B Account Manager dealing with the Italian and German marketplaces and at the moment I´m living in Vienna, Austria. I believe life is too short to live only in one country or to know only one point of view. I'm passionately curious about everything and personal and professional growth have a huge importance for me.