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Take privat lessons in French with qualified teacher Karl in Vienna

September 8, 2020
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Nationalität: Libanesisch
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Study French with privat tutor in Vienna

My name is Karl Kashouh. As you can see my nationality is Lebanese, therefore my mother language is Arabic. But in Lebanon, we have 2 other official languages which are French (B2) and English (C1). That's why I offer French lessons in Vienna!

Teacher with experience offers French lessons

I studied my Bachelor in Business Administration and my Masters in Marketing at the Lebanese University. These diplomas could not be obtained without the knowledge of these three languages. During and after my education, I have worked in an International company as an Assistant Manager for over 3 years.

Study French in Vienna in a privat course

I acquired a lot of experience in teaching after studying Opera at the National Conservatory of Lebanon. Many times I had to teach Music Theory, Chorus Singing, and Vocal Technique, while studying Italian (B1). And at the moment I am continuing my Bachelor in Opera here in Austria, this is why I currently live in Wien while studying German (B1).

Hope this short covering letter gives you the information you need to choose your teacher. For further information please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or Email.

Sincerely yours,