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Take English classes by Roland for all levels in Gyula and online

März 11, 2023
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Geschlecht: Männlich
Nationalität: Österreichisch
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Experienced and qualified German teacher

Hi, my name is Roland and have been teaching English to children, teenagers and adults in various school in Hungary for more than 20 years. I studied English ​​and also worked as a primary school teacher. That's why I am very experienced, but also creative and precise concerning grammar and mistakes. I really would like to help my students with their spelling, pronunciation and communicative skillls.

Learn German how and where you like

I would be happy to let you benefit from my qualifications and many years of teaching experience!  In my lessons I like using various materials like authentic texts or music that fit to the aim of the lesson as I think it is not the knowledge of language alone that makes a language. I'm happy to help you improve your English skills while incorporating the culture of English-speaking countries.

If you are interested, get in touch with me!