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Published textbook-writer and native for Portuguese gives online classes

Juni 10, 2023
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Published textbook-writer and native speaker

My name is Marizete, and I’m a 31-year-old Brazilian currently residing in Liechtenstein. As a native speaker of Portuguese, I have been teaching the language to non-native speakers for three years. During my teaching career, I have conducted 3,000 online classes with students from various countries. In addition to Portuguese, I also speak Spanish, I have a good command of English, and I speak a little German and Italian.

In addition to my teaching experience, I’m proud to have authored a book titled "Brazilian Portuguese for Beginners: Learn Through Everyday Situations". This book, written in English, caters specifically to students with little to no prior knowledge of the language. It provides step-by-step lessons and practical exercises to facilitate effective language learning for beginners. The book has been published and is available for purchase on Amazon.

I would like to mention that I have a background in Law, having studied it at the university level. Furthermore, I have completed a master's degree in Development and Public Policy. These educational experiences have equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of legal principles and the ability to analyze and address complex societal issues.

Effective language training in a motivating environment

In my classes, I prioritize conversational skills and grammar, allowing students to expand their vocabulary and enhance their communication abilities. I create a dynamic and engaging learning environment by focusing on different themes in each lesson. I understand the importance of addressing the individual needs of each student. Thus I strive to provide suitable teaching materials, including activities, exercises, and resources that promote effective learning and language practice.

Furthermore, I take the responsibility of assessing my students' progress seriously. By monitoring their performance in Portuguese, I can identify their strengths and weaknesses and offer constructive feedback to help them improve.


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