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Online English Classes with Viktoriia – Englisch Conversation Course

Juli 17, 2019
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Geschlecht: Weiblich
Nationalität: Ukrainisch
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English Online Course - English Skype Lessons

I would be happy to start the course with you and help you learn English. During our lessons in Skype I would like to develop the following skills: reading, Writing, Speaking. If it is technically possible, listening will also be included to the schedule. We can be very flexible with the appointments and arrange them to be suitable for our schedule as much as possible.

English Teacher with Experience - About Me

Hello! I am an English teacher from Ukraine. I learned English at National University Cherkass. I love teaching the English language and will help you if you were a beginner or an intermediate. I teach English and I am fluent in German and Russian. So, I can help you with these languages as well.