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Improve your Spanish in Abraham’s private courses in Vienna

Oktober 2, 2021
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Speak fluently Spanish in Vienna

My name is Abraham Hermoso and I am a Spanish teacher. I completed my master in Spanish Language and Literature with the Specialisation “Spanish ELE Teacher”. Therefore, I would love to give you Spanish private courses in Vienna. Together we will reach your language-learning goals! My native language is Spanish and I speak English fluently, so my courses can be held in those languages.

Enthusiastic teacher gives Spanish lessons

I have more than 10 years of experience in Spanish teaching and preparing adults for DELE exams always with excellent results. I have also DELE Examiner accreditation certified by Cervantes Institute at all CEFR levels (A1-C2). During 2020, collaborating at Cervantes Institute in Budapest my skills with online tools improved substantially. Also, I used tools like Zoom, Miro, Google Classroom, Jamboard but also I had to familiarise with Google Meet, Classroom, Calendar, ClassDojo, among many others.

I will move soon to Wien so I am enthusiastic to start teaching Spanish there.

I am creative, proactive, collaborative, organised, who always learns and looks for new ways to improve and get better in work duties.