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Improve your language skills in Vienna in Giulia’s Italian course

Februar 16, 2022
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Learn Italian from a native speaker

Hi to everyone!
I'm Giulia Petix, I'm a 28 years old and from Italy . I'm already a teacher of Italian, Ancient Greek and Latin and I moved to Vienna the last summer in order to teach you my native language Italian in a private course! I used to give private lessons to children from primary school to University students. It has been eight years now since my beginning.

Professional Italian teacher gives lessons in Vienna

I define myself a perfectionist even for the smallest details and a very patient person. My first and second bachelor's degree were about Classic Letters. During university, I also did a lot of courses about Greek, Roman and Italian archeology, especially for the Mediterranean area and also history.

For any further questions, feel free to contact me.
I can't wait to work and study with you!

Giulia Petix