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Improve your English in Vienna in Zlatka’s tutoring lessons

Januar 26, 2022
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Take English classes with a certified teacher

I am a CELTA qualified English trainer, living in Vienna, where I give tutoring lessons for all levels. Although born in Croatia, I am a native English speaker (with a bilingual proficiency) as my father was an English teacher, so I spoke English at home and attended English language schools.

Learn Business English in Vienna

In 1985, as a business scholarship recipient, I moved to the US where I graduated with an MBA from Florida State University. A long and successful executive career in the financial industry soon followed - in the US, France, Croatia, Romania and Austria.
After achieving the peak of my executive business career, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming an English teacher as I believes that knowing languages brings people and the cultures closer. As a former top executive of multinational groups, I lived and worked in different cultures, I successfully started and ran my own business. Moreover, I can communicate in six different languages. Therefore, I can train my students in both English and Croatian, on how to negotiate, how to make a meaningful presentation, the meeting of cultures and skills, how to speak about general or business topics, as well as the grammar and pronunciation.