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Get Arabic lessons in Vienna with nativespeaker Antonio

September 2, 2020
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Nationalität: Libanesisch
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Improve your Arabic with lessons in Vienna

Dear language-learners,

My name is Antonio Yazbeck Karam and I'm from Lebanon. Since I'm an Arabic nativespeaker, I would like to offer you Arabic lessons in Vienna. You're not only going to improve your language skills, but you will also learn about my culture! I'm learning German myself, thus I know how challenging, but wonderful it can be to remember everything a new language comes with. So sign up for my classes and I will teach you Arabic in a fun and easy way!

Arabic classes with experienced and motivated Nativespeaker

Furthermore, I am pursuing a diploma degree in orchestral conducting in Vienna, holding a bachelor's degree in Music and Musicology and Baccalaureate in piano. Here I have a 5 year tutoring experience at the Antonine University in Lebanon, and Director of the Antonine Choir "north branch". Moreover, I speak English and French, so I could teach you Arabic in the respective languages.

See you in class!

Antonio Karam