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English Private Classes with Nour for levels A1 to C2 in Steyr

Dezember 19, 2019
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Geschlecht: Weiblich
Nationalität: Libanesisch
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English Private Classes with focus on Communication in Steyr

My name is Nour and I come from Lebanon. My second language in school was French and my third language was English. I completed my university studies in Sociology and Anthropology (MA) in French and English. I am currently in Vienna for my Ph.D. studies in Sociology on migration and integration. I have 5 years of experience working with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and I have particular experience in communicating with people coming from various backgrounds.

Learning the English language effectively and without stress

I worked in Lebanon, Jordan and Ivory Coast. I have  strong communication skills, and I am very patient when it comes to helping others achieving their goals and helping them make a better life. Helping others gives me a feeling of satisfaction, accomplishment, and happiness. I am very aware of the communication challenges that derive when people come from culturally different backgrounds and how this would be reflected in their language and vocabulary. However, I would happily accommodate with these challenges and make space in our minds for a new language and culture.