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Dutch Language Course with the Native Speaker Babette in Vienna

Dezember 19, 2019
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Dutch Language Classes with a Native Speaker

My name is Babette Pijfers, I’m a 23 year old, motivated, energetic and disciplined Dutch girl. In 2017 I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. I was full of wanderlust and decided to travel in Australia and Asia, which I did for more than 1,5 years. I came back in April 2019 and in September I moved with my Austrian boyfriend to Vienna.  This means a new challenge for which I´m really excited about! I am interested in becoming your Native Speaker teacher for your Dutch language course in Vienna. I have always loved to teach, because I believe it´s a beautiful way to share your knowledge with other people. I think I inherited this passion from my mother, who´s a primary school teacher.

Learn Dutch with Motivation and effectively

Why I want to teach? Therefore I need to mention my motto. It´s a bit cheesy but that doesn´t make it less important: ´For the world you are someone, but for someone you are the world.’ - I want to be that someone for a person, someone who can help other people. I´ve been fortunate to grow up in a family and country that gave me the chance to study for what I became. Now it´s time to share my knowledge. That’s my ambition and motivation.

I´m honest, eager to learn, hardworking and costumer friendly. A great skill for teaching is having patience. A lot of people describe me as being patient. I can explain things a 100 times over and over again, I won´t give up. Another skill I own is being creative. I believe that teaching can´t be boring. Explaining things in a creative way, with games and movement exercises, is a very important way of learning. One of my biggest traits, and that only grew during my study in Social Work, is being empathic. Being interested in students and on one level with each other is essential.