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CELTA certified teacher Marija offers English online lessons

Juni 28, 2021
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Geschlecht: Weiblich
Nationalität: Ungarisch
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Experienced teacher with CELTA certificate teaches online

I have a Master’s Degree in Education and have earned CELTA (grade B) and Young Learners certifications. As a compassionate professional with over three years of teaching experience, I am confident in my ability to give you English online lessons. Being a versatile educator, I have had the opportunity to instruct a wide variety
of students from various backgrounds and all facets of society. As a result, I am a dedicated teacher, who remains sensitive to my students' personal needs. Moreover, I provide individual and whole group support, integrate multicultural teaching units, and offer positive encouragement and reinforcement to keep students focused and motivated.

Personalized lesson plans with unique learning methods

One of the most effective ways that I assist EFL students is by developing and presenting comprehensible and stimulating lesson plans that facilitate all learning styles. I research, locate and incorporate a variety of resources to accommodate students via visual, audio, tactile, and kinesthetic methods. My goal is to foster and maintain an open, honest, communicative, and supportive classroom, in which each student feels safe, secure, special, and appropriately challenged.