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Take Chinese lessons in Vienna with experienced teacher Chung

Februar 12, 2021
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Speak fluent Chinese in Vienna

My name is Samuel (Cheng-Ming) Chung. I was born in Tainan city, Taiwan (R.O.C) in 1979. Since 2010, I started my new career as a teacher of Chinese as a second/foreign language (TCS/FL).I have achieved a Master’s degree at the Institute of TCS/FL at the National Kaohsiung Normal University in January 2014, where I have acquired the knowledge of (bilingual/multilingual) language education, linguistic theory, didactics, and IB teaching philosophy. If you are interested in taking Chinese lessons in Vienna, I would glady be your next or even first teacher.

Experienced tutor teaches you Chinese

As a consequence, I am a teacher of TCS/FL with over 10 years of Experience, having the capacity to adapt to various and difficult teachings Conditions and environments, being able to reflect on my teaching in all aspects and always strive for better performance while offering the right learning opportunities for the students, and having a receptive relationship and communication with colleagues.

About me - Chinese teacher in Vienna

The adjectives that describe me at best are enthusiastic, passionate, patient, flexible, and diverse. Regarding the word ‘diverse’, I respect and appreciate the differences among people and have an interest in seeing how various cultures, backgrounds, experiences interact with one another. Thus, I strive to implement differentiated teaching methods and didactics for my students to maintain their learning motivation. Fun classes do not mean to be only playful, but also to retain knowledge effectively and sustainably.  If you are interested in my teaching, please feel free to contact me!